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I have been sent on a journey by UnicornLand to figure out how humans talk. I was looking up this think you call "comics" and I found this wonderful website. Now, I'm a Garfield, Foxtrot, Wawawiwa, Big Nate and Calvin and Hobbes fan!

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    Whaa hooooooooooooooo

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    Can you please stop it’s getting annoying

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    104.7 The Fish!

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    I did

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    If somebody throws a piece of food at my school, they can get in HUGE trouble.

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    Big Nate vs The Wimpy Kid gang

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    Whoops, thats what I get for typing one-handed on a VR set.

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    Sorry that turned into a full story lol

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    Continuation: The kids surrounded Nate, and a few teachers (muffling laughter) were with them. He then saw Teddy and Francis walk to the front, pounding their fists into their hands. “We saw the comics you made about us.” said Francis, as his eyes turned orange, frigtening Nate. “About how I’m a nerd.” “And how I made you have jealousy.” said Teddy. “Guys, have you been looking in my cartooning notebook?” asked Nate, suddenly confused. As he looked down, he saw that his clothes had miraculously returned. “Yes.” Francis said. “And some of my close friends have something to say to you too.” As he moved to the right, next to Teddy, he revealed Mrs. Godfrey, Mr. Rosa, and Mrs. Shipulski. They formed a line as NATE stared on in horror. “Nate, you’ve made countless comics about me, and as punishment you will serve summer school every year forever.” As she moved out of the way (smiling maliciously), Mr. ROSA started to speak. “Nate, you’ve made comics making fun of my huge nose, and how you think I have no talent! So, I am canceling all the Doodler’s meetings until further notice. I’m sorry.” After he moved, Mrs. Shipulski started to speak. “Nate, on behalf of the four complaints I’ve heard, I declare you guilty. Your sentence is expulsion from all school here in this area until you either move away or behave yourself.” NATE gasped, his eyes wide in surprise. He suddenly stood up and three his hands in the air. “Yahoo! Best day ever!” He yelled. TO BE CONTINUED…I had to capitilize some of the words because of my Oculus autocorrecting it.