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WASTED!!!!! Just drop the controller just drop it. Free

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    Part 10 continued

    Meanwhile at the laboratory that Evan is getting repaired at

    ???: Sir, I was just looking on the town cams and I saw those wretched kids again heading this way.

    ???: so? Let them come, you didn’t expect this to that smoothly did you? Master evan just wanted to destroy those kids but we want to destroy all of New York and with this robot at our disposal we’ll be unstoppable.

    ???: Besides it’s not like they could actually beat us we have all these nuclear and galactic weapons inside of our laboratory, there’s no way we can be beat with all this stuff.

    !!!: Yes your right but those kids are really creative especially that spiky haired one.

    ,,,: He’s right sir, they could be a real threat to our project

    ???: You would be right, if there wasn’t already a plan

    III: Sir the robot is complete

    ???: See i told you

    Part 11 tomorrow

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    Ultimate frisbee part 10

    Minutes pass, no one moves but finally Nate gets up

    Nate: we need to go after them.

    Francis: but I thought you said there is no need?

    Nate: well I was thinking that they would come back here and I could use a water bottle on the robot but I guess I was wrong let’s go.

    The kids run through town and Nate spots something

    Nate: guys look it’s the dog lady!

    Francis: what dog lady?

    Nate: the one that’s dov made me lose my skate board and I missed the junior wood chuck meeting

    Teddy: ohh yeah that lady, now if that’s not comedy i don’t know what is.

    Jenny: (thinking)

    dog, lady hmmm. YES got it!

    Jenny: GUYS, I have an idea

    The kids huddle up, and nod

    Jenny: excuse me, ma’am have you seen 2 soldiers with purple helmets and blue metallic suits running down the street with a burnt corpse

    Lady: actually I have they were here 20 minutes ago

    Jenny’ great so can you do us a favor, one of the soldiers left their shoe behind and we would like to so kindly return it to them can you let your dog smell it so we can track them down?

    Lady: of course! Cmon boy sniff the shoe for our little friends cmon

    The dog sniffs the shoe, and instantly takes off with the kids behind it.

    A few minutes later

    Nate: (Gasp) (wheeze) how do these dogs run for so long? We’ve been running for 30 minutes straight!

    Part 10 continued in replies

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    I think this story has a lot of similes

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    Stop ur lies

  6. 9 months ago on Big Nate

    Well initially i was gonna have the soldiers come back to the field but I wanted to expand the setting

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    So am I

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    Maybe I’ll just give a preview,

    Nate: we have to go follow them.

    Francis: what about there being no need

    Nate: i realize now that that was a stupid idea we have to go.

    Don’t expect it to be worded exactly like that though
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    Yes, I’d like to order a woozy delight

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    I’m getting antsy i really want to post part 10