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Opus the Poet Free

cat and word wrangler at Witch on a Bicycle, was murdered in 2001 but recovered to outlive my killer. And that's the short form of my story.

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Recent Comments

  1. 1 day ago on Ozy and Millie

    All Rootie!

  2. 2 days ago on Frazz

    If they’re Brits they shoot off fireworks on Guy Fawks day.

  3. 3 days ago on Frazz

    Not even close.

  4. 6 days ago on Frazz

    No, but I was hit by a drunk driver riding home from work and 6 people in NY were hit by a driver driving on the sidewalk.

  5. 7 days ago on Frazz

    If traffic doesn’t kill you on the sidewalk.

  6. 9 days ago on Jane's World

    Shallow Breast Guy.

  7. 14 days ago on Ozy and Millie

    There are limits to evil.

  8. 15 days ago on Jane's World

    There are surfboard racks for bicycles now, I’m sure there’s a way to carry one on a scooter.

  9. 19 days ago on Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    The phone is like an infinite library, you can find out anything about anything if you know how to ask.

  10. 22 days ago on Ozy and Millie

    It’s anything that uses a c followed by a u, even with spaces or dashes.