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  1. 5 months ago on Compu-toon

    “Enter”, “Return”, “Home”; same thing, different OS or region. Just means the one working from home is not writing more than one single line ever.

  2. 5 months ago on Over the Hedge

    I admit I watched the movie before I knew about the strip, but the strip was around for a long while before the movie. The best part of the movie is the soundtrack, and a few shining moments with Hammy and an energy drink that leads to an incident with a bear and lasers and a HOA president. Yeah, that part makes it worth it.

  3. 7 months ago on Andy Capp

    It’d be funnier if he got stuck coming back and they found him the next morning still drunk. At least it’s not the canal!

  4. 7 months ago on Andy Capp

    If beef hot pot looks like mud, you’re doing it wrong. ;^P

  5. 9 months ago on Over the Hedge

    And “Meta” was any better? For that matter “Threads” sounds like a place to look for used Skater/Surfer or Hipster clothers. Like a “Meta” version of Goodwill.

  6. 12 months ago on Clay Bennett

    Minor mistake on the puppet. The controls should say “FBI” as 60% of the members were FBI informants or agents.

  7. about 1 year ago on Over the Hedge

    Huckleberry Finn was banned from SCHOOL libraries when I was in school a couple of decades ago because of the racist language. To Kill a Mockingbird had a similar issue a few years later. These are not new and not banned completely, just in school libraries. Public Libraries still have them. It resembles a rating system like with film and television. Little Johnny Ten-Year-Old doesn’t need to be watching From Dusk till Dawn, does he?

  8. about 1 year ago on Andy Capp

    Seems this one is both Boiler and Geyser like we have here in certain parts of the US where houses come equipped with radiators for heating and rarely need cooling. Some Apartments have something like this instead of a furnace, too. When the boiler goes, the whole building loses heat and hot water.

  9. about 1 year ago on Over the Hedge

    Or as Carlin used to say, they become “More Than Happy” and have to be institutionalized.

  10. about 1 year ago on Lisa Benson

    Volcanos. A single Volcano eruption changes the local weather for months with the amount of ash and gasses they release, and we’ve seen hundreds of significant eruptions in the past few years. Second place, Livestock. Livestock counted for more than 18 percent of all greenhouse gasses ten years ago, and has only increased since. That was more than all transportation combined.