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  1. about 10 years ago on Viivi & Wagner

    don’t thinkit will make the cut

  2. about 11 years ago on Tony Auth

    We are in this problem because we are in 2 wars(1 right the other wrong. Business have had tax breaks and incentives since 2000 and have done not created jobs. Banks won’t lendmoney since they are afraid of no return. Only the federal government can do that. Both Bush and Obama realized that. The government must lend business money but they have to demand accountability. Exporting products is the answer. Many countries like China Brazil etc are emerging. We can produce good products the market of the future is there not here.

  3. over 12 years ago on Signe Wilkinson

    The only hope is that the media finds a way to limit the number of ads. But now that I think about it won’t make a difference.The ads are not going to be directly associated with a candidate. Maybe we can limit the time for campaining.

  4. almost 13 years ago on Paul Szep

    Scott the point is the dems have a 2 party system within the party. The blue dogs got in because they were elected.Your party is a dictatorship no room for dissenters. You guys don’t want them to run. What are you leaders afraid of that they don’t allow dissent. If you aren’t comfortable with internal dissent then you aren’t freely making choices. That isn’t loyalty it’s laziness.

  5. almost 13 years ago on Signe Wilkinson

    Charlie How do you give education back to the parents when families many have both parents working, some have only 1 parent and he or she is working, and almost 10% of the country is unemployed. We let Tv and the internet do it, not by choice but by necessity for many.

  6. over 13 years ago on Jeff Danziger

    Lighten up folks. The Supreme Court is a political apponintment. Always has, always will be. Objective Judges and defenders of the Constitution are the ones you agree with and the activist judges are those you disagree with. A few times they surprise but for the most part they follow the line of the President who nominated. Remember the constitution was purposly left vague so they could get something to the people, who by the way they didn’t really trust. Each generation interperts it in the light of current information. That’s the strength of America. The rules are flexible.