Rip Haywire by Dan Thompson for June 11, 2012

  1. Dick tracy
    DoubleScribble  about 12 years ago

    I’m glad Rip lost the scarf… He’s no dandy.

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  2. Mystery incorporated
    angeldscoobydoo Premium Member about 12 years ago

    This is the first date she’s always dreamed of? Then Rip is perfect for her!

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  3. Smiley3
    mntim  about 12 years ago

    SEC? Sociopathic Ethics Council? Sugarbullets Eating Cereal? Sears Erotic Clothing?

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  4. Forward woman
    Bender_Sastre  about 12 years ago

    It looked like an ascot to me.

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  5. Whiplash
    Uncle_Bad  about 12 years ago

    It seems too narrow to be a bandana or kerchief, so I bet it’s a cravat. Whatever it is, it’s the standard dress for the wealthy or well dressed as they set to sea … in the 1920’s. For example, Thurston Howell III.

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  6. Missing large
    Fly On The Wall  about 12 years ago

    As turtleman would say…..“Time for some real live action.”

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  7. Dorian tenore logo
    DorianKTB  about 12 years ago

    Loving that last panel! :-)

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  8. Rip avatar
    dan thompson creator about 12 years ago

    It’s a cowboy bandana ala the Duke or Roy Rogers (I am a big Western Movie,tv, and books fan and I add that flavor into the strip a lot if you haven’t noticed)—Soldiers of fortune types also used them for all types of things but mostly to tie off a bullet wound or two….OK the truth is Rip was a big fan of Mr. Furley in “Three is Company”

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  9. 112siamesegif
    Linda Solomon  about 12 years ago

    HugPounceszz Haywire Hooligans!

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  10. Ford s next supercar
    CyoteBlack  about 12 years ago

    Irony is amazing.

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  11. Missing large
    punchydugan  about 12 years ago

    Me, I thought it was an ascot and a nod to Freddy from Scooby Do. Man, is Rip cool today!

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  12. Rip avatar
    dan thompson creator about 12 years ago

    Clutch Cargo the character was a great design with that big jaw …I’ve never seen more than 1 or 2 episodes of that show but I know the character…Also a lot of Roy Crane’s Buz Sawyer also Captain Easy, and Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy in Rip Haywire…My style is a cartoon melting pot of adventure styles.

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