Rip Haywire by Dan Thompson for July 04, 2012

  1. Kenny
    The Nihilist  about 12 years ago

    Okay — so Rip is a little slow, it still sinks in eventually

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  2. Missing large 2
    Phatts  about 12 years ago

    . . . what a great name for the boat!

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  3. Ford s next supercar
    CyoteBlack  about 12 years ago

    Player lines of the year.

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  4. Missing large
    Chas60  about 12 years ago

    Hit the banjo’s!

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  5. Missing large
    punchydugan  about 12 years ago

    The fireworks are starting early this Fourth of July.

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  6. Missing large
    Kydex29  about 12 years ago

    Being 5 years happily married, I’m all for Rip and Cobra taking all the one-on-one time they need. Next strip calls for four panels of a boat doing more rocking than the waves can account for. (c:

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  7. Pc1
    TheDOCTOR  about 12 years ago

    ♫ If the Houseboats a-rockin’, Don’t bother knockin’.♫Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

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  8. Missing large
    Burnside217  about 12 years ago

    I like the name of the boat!

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  9. Gedc0042
    johnrussco  about 12 years ago

    I think this is sooooo cool! happy Birthday America the land that I love.

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  10. Missing large
    CoBass  about 12 years ago

    Actually, I think JackButler was referring to former U.S. Senator from Colorado Gary Hart, Donna Rice, and the Monkey Business.(I used to live in Colorado, although not while Hart was Senator.)

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  11. Missing large
    KAKKAROT1701  about 12 years ago


    (besides, Cobra is HOT…she’s worth the danger, especially since we found out she always loved him)

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  12. Franco s trattoria
    StoicLion1973  about 12 years ago

    Uhm…isn’t the Doctor still onboard?

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  13. Missing large
    rcerinys701  about 12 years ago

    Am I the only one to hear “Uncle Ernie”, from “Tommie”, as they “fiddle about?”

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  14. 112siamesegif
    Linda Solomon  about 12 years ago

    Happy Independence Day and HugPounceszz Haywire Hooligans!

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  15. Missing large 2
    Phatts  about 12 years ago

    … uh … was referring to name on boat in first panel …

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  16. Dorian tenore logo
    DorianKTB  about 12 years ago

    Now there’s some fireworks I bet Rip and Cobra like! Hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day! :-)

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