Robert Ariail for August 08, 2011

  1. Blackbird
    baileydean  over 12 years ago

    Wonder how long we’ll have until the little “poof” and dust cloud show us the bottom?

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  2. And you wonder why
    Kylop  over 12 years ago

    Road Runner cartoons had a much better soundtrack

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  3. Missing large
    keechum  over 12 years ago

    I wonder how much more it cost those millionairs than if they had been hit with having tax loop holes closed?

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  4. Ahm8 perceptor
    perceptor3  over 12 years ago

    Of course, absolutely none of this mess we’re in has to do with the fact that certain parties want to keep spending, spending, spending themselves into power with absolutely NO restraint. . . It’s no wonder the financial community is getting tetchy about loaning us money!

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  5. Derricksurprised
    Ervin Johnson  over 12 years ago

    Well, at least their in the same car. It took forever to decide who rides shoutgun! :)

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