Robert Ariail for May 03, 2012

  1. Lew. shaved beard jul 11
    leweclectic  over 11 years ago

    Totally depends, in the long haul, on how he mounts his trophy for display. Bouncing it in the end zone is probably not the best way to go about it as death, even of your enemies, is best addressed with humility or at the very least with respect, otherwise it may come back to haunt you.

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  2. Cat7
    rockngolfer  over 11 years ago

    That is taking a Faux news scripted point and giving it legitimacy.

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  3. Missing large
    greycap  over 11 years ago

    The little man deserves the ‘little’ tributes. Real leaders celbrate the safe return of their warfighters and never ‘out’ our special operators. All that ever does is raise the odds some of them won’t be comin’ back to their families the next time they go ‘out in the woods at night’.

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  4. Cowboyonhorse2
    Gypsy8  over 11 years ago

    Since when did highlighting major political accomplishments in the midst of a political campaign become “spiking the football”? Of course he brought it up at the one-year anniversary and he spread the accolades to the deserving. Its Ariail giving it “disrespectful” context.

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  5. Androidify 1453615949677
    Jason Allen  over 11 years ago

    “The little man deserves the ‘little’ tributes. Real leaders celbrate the safe return of their warfighters and never ‘out’ our special operators.”So you’re basically saying Bush was not a “real leader.”

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  6. Missing large
    ARodney  over 11 years ago

    The only one I saw “outed” was the dog, whose name was revealed in the (excellent) Time magazine article this week. The “spiking” is definitely a GOP-created fantasy, Obama’s been pretty classy throughout. Especially by comparison to pretending to fly a fighter jet to an aircraft carrier, or saying that your opponent apologizes to our enemies, or that the smoking gun will be a mushroom cloud.

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  7. 300px little nemo 1906 02 11 last panel
    lonecat  over 11 years ago

    Sour grapes. Cartoon after cartoon in the last few days — just sour grapes. Some people just can’t accept it that Obama managed to pull this off — it just gets them sooo mad….

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  8. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  over 11 years ago

    Obama immediately gave all credit for a successful operation to the SEALs and intelligence folks. While exposing “methods” was not good, they were hardly “secrets” to folks with access to abundant unclassified information.

    Now, about “outing” undercover agents, and jeopardizing potentially hundreds, or even thousands of covert operatives in the process: that would be Cheney, Scooter, and yes, “W”. Amazing how those who failed for nearly a decade are now “the heroes”???

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  9. Missing large
    joe vignone  over 11 years ago

    Democrats 7, Republicants 0

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  10. Jollyroger
    pirate227  over 11 years ago

    Obama took a plank out of their “we’ll protect you” platform.And so did W on 9-11.

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  11. 1006
    sw10mm  over 11 years ago

    Looks like the tired old rhetoric of yours is endless. No need to wait for your script, it’s just a repeat.

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