Rob Rogers for December 24, 2011

  1. Face
    yatman  almost 12 years ago

    Yikes! It’s Rosemary’s Baby!! Out with the Newt!!

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  2. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  almost 12 years ago

    Adulterer, thief, liar, traitor, and all around scumbag, Newt is the perfect candidate for the “new right”, and not hardly in any way “progressive”. At least if he does get in, we can start buying kids again and putting them in slave quarters, little buggers are just pests.

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  3. Cat7
    rockngolfer  almost 12 years ago

    The worst thing about Newt is that with the return of laws making it harder for poor people, divorced, students, and other Democrats to vote, that POS could have a chance.

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  4. Jollyroger
    pirate227  almost 12 years ago

    I wish you fools would nominate that windbag.

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