Rob Rogers for July 10, 2014

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    Don Winchester Premium Member about 10 years ago

    The first two: Stayed within Constitutional Law.The third one: Makes it up and changes or ignores Constitution as he sees fit as he goes along…

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    Dtroutma  about 10 years ago

    ^Not in the least: Iran/Contra an example for Ron, and “W” wrote dozens of E.O.s that violated the law, not to mention unconstitutional “signing statements”. Yep, them millions of WMDs found in Iraq were total redemption.

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    wolfhoundblues1  about 10 years ago

    those numbers are as of 2009.

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    Don Winchester Premium Member about 10 years ago

    @motive & whackyKeep up the denial, November is getting closer.

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    Theodore E. Lind Premium Member about 10 years ago

    If the Congress and particularly the House of Representatives showed up once in a while and did their jobs, most of this would go away.

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    lonecat  about 10 years ago

    President Reagan wisely protected the US by selling weapons to Iran, President Bush bravely responded to 9/11 by invading Iraq, but President Obama is opening the doors to dictatorship and anarchy by raising the minimum wage for government contract workers.

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    griffthegreat  about 10 years ago

    Lies for Rednecks

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    echoraven  about 10 years ago

    One had a thriving economy. The other had one that began to stumble and the last one has an economy where the 1% thrive while the 99% suffer.

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    briecke  about 10 years ago

    Hi Harley,

    I followed all your links. This is what I found…


    This doesn’t ever mention the president. It says that the Reid campaign got $500 from the Koch brothers 11 years ago.2.

    This is a picture of a tennis shoe3.

    This page says…

    “But the directive issued by the Obama Administration grants folks who’d be eligible for the DREAM Act a reprieve from deportation and work-authorization papers. It doesn’t grant citizenship or legal status.”4.

    In this one Texas Rep. Lamar Smith uses phrases like, “this may not just…”, “it could be that…”, “it’s likely to…” “I believe that…” and “I understand that…” In a radio interview. Unfortunately, he never says, “This is what the Executive Order says.” Eventually, he says he objects that immigration officials have been given “too much discretion” to decide the fate of illegal immigrants. Finally! Something to tracK! So I looked up “more discretion for immigration officials” and found that was exactly what Lamar Smith was asking for earlier in his career. (Here’s that link –

    That interview was from August of 2011, and Rep. Smith’s remedy, he said, was “to hold hearings”, “make people testify under oath” and if you believe he’s “right, elect a new president in 2012”. 5.

    This one says that the Senate passed an immigration bill and the house passed an immigration bill and neither group will sit down and work to meld the bills together. Also, there are bills that Dems have co-sponsored, co-written, “penned”, etc. that are also not being voted on by the Senate.

    No mention of the president’s Executive Order.6.

    More pictures of tennis shoes.I really wanted to have good links. I like to be informed during discussions, but unfortunately, these were all a waste of time. Sorry, Harley, but I’m much less likely to follow your links, or even believe what you say anymore. And now, I guess, I’ll look at mikefive’s link. Thanks Mike.
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