Rob Rogers for April 08, 2016

  1. Earth
    PainterArt Premium Member over 6 years ago

    Money is free speech. Bribery is legal. Corporate lobbying, the wealthy backing politicians has no effect on how our representatives vote..If you believe that I have an island tax haven to sell you but you cannot afford it.

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  2. Caddy
    StCleve72  over 6 years ago

    All of our ills are the fault of the poor. And Obama. Don’t forget Obama, that foreign born, socialist, Muslim,, American- hating darkie. And the poor. And atheists, don’t forget those baddies who hate God (even though they don’t believe in him). And Obama, especially Obama. Oh and gays, whose very existence causes hurricanes and tornadoes. And Obama.(This important message comes to you from the Republican Party, purveyor of truth and facts).

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  3. Mel and linda 013
    Melki Premium Member over 6 years ago

    “Reward the rich and punish the poor” seems to be the only thing they can agree on.

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  4. Kernel
    Diane Lee Premium Member over 6 years ago

    Quit whining about congress as if it isn’t our own fault. Congress is the people WE elected. If you don’t want the laws written so that the rich folks can buy the elections, look up your congressman and senator in OPEN It tells you where his/her money is coming from. We all have to do the bidding of who ever is supplying the money to pay our bills. So do politicians. If most of their money is coming from individuals, unions, or other organizations representing the Middle Class, that is who they are going to work for. If most of their money is from banks, etc, they are going to work for the 1%. They don’t really have any choice if they want to win the next election. To vote against the 1% would be political suicide.

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  5. Crow
    Happy Two Shoes  over 6 years ago

    Republicons hate social programs because it directs the tax money to where its needed by the people who paid it in and away from the republicons rich friends.

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  6. Bill
    Mr. Blawt  over 6 years ago

    The world’s rich, well-connected elite play by a different set of rules from everyone else. The Panama Papers are just the latest evidence and has surprised no one. The richest segment of the world population legally maneuvers to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. They avoid tax liabilities through dodgy offshore accounts and shell companies set up in countries that sell themselves as tax havens. We need to take action now to restore trust in government and make sure that our tax code works for everyone – not just a well-connected few. Closing international tax loopholes would not only increase fairness but also provide resources to invest in education and infrastructure. That is how we move from a rigged game to an economy that works for everyone.

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  7. Frank
    Frankfreak  over 6 years ago

    Did anyone see the HBO show LAST WEEK, TONIGHT where John Oliver did a piece on how campaign fundraising is a perpetual process. They fundraise with those who can contribute, and, in my opinion, work for those with money, to keep them contributing.CHANGES MUST COME.

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  8. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  over 6 years ago

    The resounding voice vote from Republicans is why they had to do the retrofit on the dome so the noise level wouldn’t collapse it.

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  9. Missing large
    echoraven  over 6 years ago

    Soooo we should encourage the rich to leave?

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