Rob Rogers for October 20, 2020

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    dotbup  almost 3 years ago

    Toss out the rotten Jackass-o’-lantern

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  2. Govi profile
    Govi Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    Rob’s right. Four more years of Trump would break our country beyond return. Our economy in greater shambles, our allies would completely desert us, and with Trump’s encouragement, we’d be at each other’s throats.

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    RalphConti  almost 3 years ago

    Yes, I truly fear 4 more years of Trump; and I fear that he has a distinct possibility of winning. But what I fear the most is his hard core followers. Like the ones that truly believe in Qanon. I am also sickened by the less extreme ones. What more can Trump say and do? Everything negative is declared a lie. His political opponents are called traitors and he wants them arrested including former President Obama. He rails against even his doglike devoted Attorney General threatening him is no arrests are made. He’s doing everything he can to delegitimize the election and flirts with the idea of extending his term. He actively touts the “Racehorse theory” of eugenics. The list goes on and on, and none of it has to do with policy or governance. What the hell, people? At this point, I have more respect for the White Nationalist Trump supporters because at least they are honest.

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    Tralfaz Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    If Trump loses, the time between Nov 3 and Jan 20 will be frightening

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    quixotic3  almost 3 years ago

    It won’t be the end of the world, just the end of America, as we have imagined it. If so, we will have collectively deserved it.

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    Monchoxyz  almost 3 years ago

    I keep having this dream that the day Judge Barrett is confirmed, her divorced from her husband is approved.

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  7. Attitude on lap
    cactusjack99 Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    The thought of 4 more years of the orange haired Sisyphus pretend president is truly terrifying,,,,,, hopefully he’ll bust a brain vessel and move on to forever push that boulder up the hill.

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    Jody H. Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    I’m so looking forward to the end of this nightmare and to a good night’s sleep! My sleep patterns have been affected ever since he was elected.

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    Nuper Nocte  almost 3 years ago

    Rob Rogers, I really appreciate you. I am originally from Pittsburgh (OK – many, many, many years ago) and that newspaper made the biggest mistake they ever made in letting you go. I have always loved your work – you are brilliant and funny – great combination!

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