Rob Rogers for September 21, 2022

  1. Green 5 point celtic knot 300
    Erse IS better  8 months ago

    Yeah, the left panel is correct. However human trafficking is a LOT more various than just those two.

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  2. Tf 117
    RAGs  8 months ago

    It seems that a group of those DeSantis sent to Martha’s Vineyard are getting ready to sue him. He used pamphlets full of lies to get them on the plane.

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  3. Question 63916 960 720
    knutdl  8 months ago

    Z? Russians in the house?

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  4. Missing large
    chipciof  8 months ago

    So “sanctuary cities” provide none. Got it.

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  5. Avt freyjaw spring48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 8 months ago


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  6. Direwolf 1
    Direwolf  8 months ago

    I would be less than surprised to find out either or both of these guys have had a few under the table employees on the cheap.

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  7. Jazz hands kitty
    Stephen Runnels Premium Member 8 months ago
    The Reverse Freedom Rides of 1962, when white southern segregationists tricked hundreds of Black Americans into moving north, promising them they would find jobs and housing in liberal states, is one of those topics of Critical Race Theory christian conservatives as so afraid their children will learn about.

    We all know this illegal stunt by racist Republicans was never, in any way, intended as a humanitarian gesture. Just another of thousands of proudly hateful and disgusting demonstrations of what Jesus would never want his professed followers to do.

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  8. Wallpapers hello kitty 28941604 1280 1040
    bxclent  Premium Member 8 months ago


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  9. E067 169 48
    Darsan54 Premium Member 8 months ago

    The Republiclans have only themselves to blame; they have sabotaged and stood against any serious immigration reform for decades.

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  10. Missing large
    docachon  8 months ago

    All you can eat buffets need workers up North… Free housing and competitive wages.

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  11. Rosey
    1StrongBlackWoman Premium Member 8 months ago


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  12. Yin yang
    Havel  8 months ago

    I’m currently watching Ken Burns’ “The US and the Holocaust”. It’s scary how many of the anti-refugee arguments used then (by basically all) are the same as today. I think the difference today is that there are more people of goodwill (mostly Dems, but some regular GOP folks too) willing to speak up about it. Shouldn’t what is happening to these human beings be the starting point of any conversation/solution?

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  13. Lifi
    rossevrymn  8 months ago

    2 of the many heroes of right-wing populism: Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Oz, trumpster fire, Margorie Greene Taylor, Jim Jordan, Steve Bannon, Mike Johnson, Matt Gaetz, Queen Didulo, Alex Jones, Lauren Boebert, Tucker Carlson, Virginia Thomas, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, Mike Lindell, Don Bolduc, Michael Flynn,………………

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  14. Plsa button
    Richard S Russell Premium Member 8 months ago

    Let’s be honest. The reason so much of Latin America is in turmoil is because of the USA’s insane and counterproductive War on Drug-Using Americans. There’s obviously a huge market for illicit drugs, and our national policy has driven all those billions of dollars squarely into the gladly open hands of the criminal underworld that controls the coca and marijuana fields. Whenever you hear the words “drug money”, remember where it’s coming from.

    It‘s even worse in Afghanistan, home to 90% of the world’s opium poppies, where Americans financed both sides of our longest-running war.

    Why don’t we take a lesson from Prohibition? After it was repealed, entrepreneurs opened taverns all across America and are now a source not of crime, destruction, and death but of conviviality, employment, taxes, civic engagement, and responsible behavior in cutting off people who’ve had too much.

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  15. 593 47519699174 6505 n
    LilDale  8 months ago

    Ron DeathSantis and One Leg Greg!

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  16. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  8 months ago

    It’s a smart use of “human resources.”

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  17. Fun o meter
    ZBicyclist Premium Member 8 months ago

    That left panel is dead right. There is a vast middle ground between deporting Dreamers on the one hand and open borders on the other. Vast. There is ample room for compromise. There’s no real moral issue (unlike, say, abortion). Yet for decades Congress has failed to produce an improved immigration policy.

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  18. Mooseguy
    moosemin  8 months ago

    The simple fact that Abbott and De Santis have lowered the bar, even further down than trump has, is just another symptom of our diseased nation. And how many are looking for a Strong Man* to take charge and set things right? ( * Women excluded.)

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  19. Missing large
    Conservative Man  8 months ago

    Yup they are low compared to Bite me

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  20. Missing large
    AtomicForce91 Premium Member 8 months ago

    It is not human trafficking if all parties agreed.

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  21. Images
    banjoAhhh!   8 months ago

    Why is Abbot in a wheelchair?

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