Rob Rogers for March 01, 2024

  1. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  3 months ago

    He’s too wily to get his finger stuck in that particular socket. Too bad he didn’t recognize the problem and bail decades ago.

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  2. Missing large
    Shinrinder Premium Member 3 months ago

    What do you mean? YOU brought this s$i$ on.

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  3. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member 3 months ago

    You’ll still get money from PUtin, though, right Mitch?

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  4. Question 63916 960 720
    knutdl  3 months ago

    What is *#%@?

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  5. Photo
    S&C = Dismayed&Depressed   3 months ago

    His place in history is assured…Moscow Mitch did his very best to sabotage and destroy our system of democracy (yeah…I know…it has faults…but it’s still better than any other form of government) through obstruction and stonewalling. May he rot for eternity!

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  6. C9969abe b10d 49de b382 ab1511eff385
    amethyst52 Premium Member 3 months ago

    The position will go to another old white man with a stick up his a^^. Maybe grassley will take it on. He’s only 90.

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  7. Avt freyjaw nurse48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 3 months ago

    Time for Moscow Mitch to retire to his dacha.

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  8. Img 1754  2
    GiantShetlandPony  3 months ago

    Common Moscow Mitch, this is exactly what you wanted. Heck, Kentucky is trying to take away mandatory lunch and breaks from workers. That’s what happens when you let your state become a Republican s hole work for less state. That’s what Repubs think is important.

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  9. Pat new 150
    Patjade  3 months ago

    He’s already caused all the damage he could to the nation and has pretty much gotten away with it.

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  10. Fox picture avatar  2
    phritzg Premium Member 3 months ago

    You’re not fooling us with your lame excuses, Moscow Mitch. You’re only leaving to save yourself the embarrassment of being jettisoned from the Klown Kar. I will not feel sorry for you if you suffer physically and mentally for the last few years of your life, because like the Bible you claim to revere states: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”.

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  11. Mel and linda 013
    Melki Premium Member 3 months ago

    I plan on visiting Kentucky only once in my life, and that will be to *#%@ on McConnell’s grave.

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  12. Direwolf 1
    Direwolf  3 months ago

    More like “The world is burning…my work is done.”

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  13. Professor chaos
    countoftowergrove  3 months ago

    Says the guy who started the slow coup.

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  14. 6tag 28487482 1357631332724855756 28487482
    T-Par Premium Member 3 months ago

    Spot on assessment …

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  15. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 3 months ago

    So.. will Mitch recognize the danger trump’s party has become to the republican party and America? And, in his waning days do something about it?

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  16. Kaioc
    artmer  3 months ago

    Bye, bye Glitch!

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  17. Missing large
    oldchas  3 months ago

    He’s leaving because he sees his power waning. Better to get out before he gets the MAGA axe. He’ll be remembered for forging a destructive supreme court and not dealing with the threat from tRump when he had a chance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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  18. Missing large
    Rich Douglas  3 months ago

    That’s your name on the registration, Mitch.

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  19. Blizzard
    Escapee  3 months ago

    You were the ringmaster for so long…whattsamatta Mitch? You lose control?

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  20. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  3 months ago

    Republican traitor Mitch crashed the car of democracy and walked away.

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  21. Pilgrim
    Newenglandah  3 months ago

    He was the ultimate party hack. In filling that role he is largely responsible for the partisan mess that the Supreme Court is today.

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  22. Missing large
    bbenoit  3 months ago

    As bad as he’s been, I’m worried what his replacement will be. Be careful what you wish for…

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  23. 1
    ncorgbl  3 months ago

    In his quest for power McConnell installed tRump, promising to control him. tRump learned the power quickly and McConnell lost control and put this Nation in harm’s way.

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  24. Plsa button
    Richard S Russell Premium Member 3 months ago

    As noted earlier, resigning after the November election is kinda like the way murder-suicide works: good idea, wrong order.

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  25. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  3 months ago

    Sandra Day O’Connor is too ‘undistinguished’ to warrant a statue: Republicans

    Lawmakers rejected a plan to commission a statue of Arizona icon Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, and display it in the U.S. Capitol building, with conservatives saying that the idea of honoring O’Connor, a moderate Republican, was offensive.

    Sexist partisan republicans hate successful women.

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  26. Missing large
    tpcox928  3 months ago

    He could have stopped all of this in 2004 but he loved power too much.

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  27. Grandbudapesthotel cr alamy
    Imagine  3 months ago

    You allowed and encouraged it. Deal with it instead of not taking any responsibility, like you always do.

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  28. Missing large
    vegburg  3 months ago

    He’s too big a glass bowl for our nation

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  29. Missing large
    tpcox928  3 months ago

    If you’re the lead clown in a clown car, you’re still a clown.

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  30. Missing large
    Ji535m  2 months ago

    Slow learner. (Way too slow)

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  31. 7d66d3ba e62b 45b1 9ce1 5e2a8de3e0c3
    Super Fly  2 months ago

    Rotten old SOB screwed us out of several Scotus judges. go home to the sh*thole that elected you, Jerk.

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  32. Donald duck2
    gmu328  2 months ago

    however, was never good enough to do your job properly

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