Sarah's Scribbles by Sarah Andersen for June 07, 2014

  1. Duck1275
    Brass Orchid Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    ignoring me? i can fix that.

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  2. Kat 1
    katina.cooper  almost 10 years ago

    Don’t you know? That’s his job to mess everything up.

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  3. Jkjkjkj
    Scorchwave  almost 10 years ago

    My cat in a nutshell.Every time I draw, do a puzzle or not look at him.

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  4. Duck1275
    Brass Orchid Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    You knew it was a mentally unstable stalker before you adopted it.

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  5. D1939e11faca979ac0ca85f812984981
    boy I love cats   almost 4 years ago

    that is me and my cat all over again

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  6. Printscreen 2
    me_the_polish_gull  over 2 years ago

    This is why I don’t have a cat.

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  7. Avatar 1499931525936
    FluffyTHM  about 2 years ago

    What a Catastrophe!

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  8. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  6 months ago

    Cats know when it’s time to take a break.

    I chose my cat Colette to be a muse. Instead, she had become more of a coach. She goes walking with me at least twice a day. Sometimes she walks with me and makes me stop every couple of feet to do several reps of bend-over-and-pet. Other times, she sits and grooms but keeps me in sight. If I go around a corner, she will relocate within a minute or two and resume grooming where she can keep an eye on me.

    When I feel like the walk is over, I tell her I am going back to the house. Sometimes, she will follow immediately. Most times, she waits for me to go around the corner and come back up to three times before following. It used to be a little annoying but I now realize she is making me do extra “laps”, like a good coach. Some days, I have limited mobility but having her come along makes sure I will get in my walks and feel the better for it.

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