Sarah's Scribbles by Sarah Andersen for July 01, 2015

  1. Tribal reaper tattoo by ianmelbourne93
    Skullmaster  about 7 years ago

    Is this meant to be ironic?

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  2. Onion news1186.article
    Randy B Premium Member about 7 years ago

    Before there was Wikipedia, I would look up stuff in encyclopedias, then look up related stuff inspired by the entries I found. No hyperlinks.My sister still thinks that was a really strange thing to do.

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  3. Duck1275
    Brass Orchid Premium Member about 7 years ago

    By the time you get to high school, you should know everything and have no interest in learning anything more.As an adult, if you are required to know something, somebody will see to it that you do.

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  4. Missing large
    emptc12  about 7 years ago

    It’s like eating a bowl of spaghetti that’s one long noodle. Or would it be a bowl of spaghetto?

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  5. Kat 1
    katina.cooper  about 7 years ago

    Yes, it is a hobby. A hobby of learning new things.

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  6. Naruto gifs 2
    NWdryad  about 7 years ago

    O god, that’s the story of my life….

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  7. 502 book lady pin
    bfrg45  about 7 years ago

    This is what my whole family did when I was growing up, and my husband’s family did, too, with World Book. Now my kids and grandkids do the same thing online. I spend hours reading stuff online — one thing always leads to another.

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  8. Photo
    TZO2K15?  about 5 years ago

    I’m stuck with ADHD, so I really don’t really have much say in the matter…

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  9. Solar glow icon
    ben.m  over 4 years ago

    This is literally where I spent my free time in high school… people would ask “what do you do for fun?” and I couldn’t even think of what I had done with my spare time.

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  10. Profilepic
    InvisibleLemonBread  over 2 years ago

    Wikipedia surfing is rad, How else would you know that actress and voice actor Pamela Adlon spent most of her life in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Los Angeles?

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