Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weinersmith for September 29, 2014

  1. Idano
    Ida No  over 9 years ago

    My graph says that it’s because TV viewers have penguins for brains.

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  2. Duck1275
    Brass Orchid Premium Member over 9 years ago

    And thus Monty Python is shown to be prescient in their assertion that there is a penguin on the telly.Yes… it’s all so obvious now!

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  3. Missing large
    emptc12  over 9 years ago

    Oh jeez, now here comes our War on Penguins..The following is a blurb from the upcoming book, THE PENGUIN PESTILENCE:.“VIRGIL THE PENGUIN – the incredible alien gift given him in the frozen tracts of Antarctica could spell doom for the inner planets. The voluptuous explorer, Dierdre, who inadvertently unleashed it seemed destined to DIE IN EXQUISITE AGONY ON A THOUSAND WORLDS unless GREKKO GHRTWQSKI – the man with the unpronounceable name, INTERVENED!

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  4. Hep cat emily deane cropped
    Homeward Premium Member over 9 years ago

    Today’s strip reminds me of, which I highly recommend for fun. Participants’ data is used to find strange correlations.

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  5. Comixavatar
    T_Lexi  over 9 years ago

    ; ) The folks at Flying Spaghetti Monster have discovered the causality between pirates and global warming…

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  6. Emily the strange 6
    Piksea Premium Member over 9 years ago

    One of the first things I learned in a college statistics class was how easy it was to manipulate data to meet your message. Le grrrrr!

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  7. Slogo3avatar
    scyphi26  over 9 years ago

    Darn those penguins, they’re ruining everything.

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