Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weinersmith for August 16, 2015

  1. Idano
    Ida No  almost 9 years ago

    Programmer: “I mean, you people are the ones asking for this crap.”

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  2. Dragonfly clip art  9337
    CeeJay  almost 9 years ago

    This strip really is sadly true. “Reality” TV and unfounded speculation have pretty much ruined TV. The History Channel…hardly ever. A&E Channel…the “A” stood for arts.

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  3. Gocomics
    Goblinopolis  almost 9 years ago

    MTV led the cognitive dissonance charge.

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  4. Missing large
    emptc12  almost 9 years ago

    It is what it is. Some of the greatest science fact and fiction writers started out reading pulp fiction. It was thin on science and heavy on drama. Eventually they found the real science and passed it on. .It will always be a small percentage of people who understand and appreciate hard science. Too bad so few of those go into politics..I’d bet some of you writing here started with comic book-science before you found the good stuff. Like me at my age, you didn’t find it at the movies, and rarely on Television. Through his television programs, Dr. Dan Q. Posin saved me and led me to the right path, as did Isaac Asimov in Reading.. There has always been a lot of crap out there (99 percent of everything is crap, according to what science fiction writer?) You just have to learn how to recognize it..I realize it’s hard for kids these days, when even a completely rotten movie storyline can have great special effects.

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