Savage Chickens by Doug Savage for September 21, 2023

  1. Idano
    Ida No  5 months ago

    “Sure, Old Salts…”

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  2. Missing large
    RCKJD  5 months ago

    indeed, maritime thieves of other peoples money would be Sea E O’s.

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  3. Missing large
    PraiseofFolly  5 months ago

    “Cluck, cluck, cluck, and a bottle of Tequila.”

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  4. Egret chick
    Fontessa  5 months ago

    Chicken of the Sea?

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  5. 3083024 0826053922 daveb
    Kaputnik  5 months ago

    Yes, burglars would sneak in and hope to avoid notice. Most pirates are a bit more straightforward than that.

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  6. Grandbudapesthotel cr alamy
    Imagine  5 months ago

    Ship burglars then.

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  7. Screenshot 2022 09 14 2.20.20 pm
    Snuffles [Previously Helikitty]   5 months ago

    Well, if the’re on the ocean and water is wet, we should call them the wet burglars right?

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  8. Missing large
    LOLBeth  5 months ago

    Burglary involves breaking into a building. They have to settle for being sea robbers.

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  9. Bobbyavatar
    Saddenedby Premium Member 5 months ago

    plunder procuring pirates of particular persuasions

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  10. Graceeyepatch large
    Teresa Burritt (Frog Applause) creator 5 months ago

    Still better than being called hamburglars.

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  11. Profile pic
    Jesse Atwell creator 5 months ago

    I SEA what you did there… and I like it!

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  12. 111 tiny
    Impkins  Premium Member 5 months ago

    You’ll walk the porch for that!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!!!!!! :)

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  13. Screen shot 2022 12 09 at 3.05.53 pm
    davewhamond creator 5 months ago

    Sea burglars. Love it.

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  14. Amazing fox photos 25
    eddi-TBH  5 months ago

    Burglars break in and steal stuff when nobody is around. Robbers take the more direct approach of stealing from people.

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