Scenes from a Multiverse by Jon Rosenberg for June 22, 2020

  1. 20211231 surazeus 001
    Simon Seamount  over 2 years ago

    My atheist morals is based on a simple principle.

    The universe is a structure of atoms. Our actions are con-structive or de-structive. We analyze the cause and effect of actions that create or destroy and decide on the moral value of the consequences.

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  2. Duck1275
    Brass Orchid Premium Member over 2 years ago

    And it harm none, do what thou wilt.

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  3. Blindspot
    salenstormwing  over 2 years ago

    There has to be a god, otherwise their center of gravity would make them tip over and fall on their stupid round faces.

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  4. Missing large
    julie.mason1 Premium Member over 2 years ago

    I worship Dog!

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  5. Atheism 007
    Michael G.  over 2 years ago

    I think the problem is that some people need a book (which they ultimately ignore anyway) to instruct them that murder, theft, et cetera, are wrong.

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  6. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  over 2 years ago

    Russell and Whitehead filled quite a few pages getting from 1 to 2.

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