Sylvia by Nicole Hollander for November 26, 2022

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    eddi_tbh  4 months ago

    Privacy cost money. And taking it away costs more. TIA became “Terrorism Information Awareness” after Total Information Awareness was condemned as sounding too Orwellian. (Nobody in Washington, DC understands discretion or irony)

    TIA, a $240 million program, first came to public attention in a New York Times piece by John Markoff dated November 9, 2002. The article reported that through Total Information Awareness, intelligence and law enforcement officials would be given “instant access to information from Internet mail and calling records to credit card and banking transactions and travel documents, without a search warrant.” TIA would not just enable the government to develop “cradle to grave dossiers” on known individuals. It would also (in theory) have the ability to detect terrorists and their plots by subjecting massive troves of electronic information to data mining techniques.

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