That is Priceless by Steve Melcher for April 04, 2024

  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY  3 months ago

    My original post in 2020:

    Painter of Dogs Playing Poker series getting some advice.

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  2. Missing large
    rmremail  3 months ago

    Man’s best friend, and two dogs.

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  3. Avatar 3
    Solstice*1947  3 months ago

    /// Who’s the self-portrait artist shown here?

    Kelsey Grammer? No… Edwin Landseer.

    Also, the Connoisseurs,

    (cultured canines, not curs),

    Do they like what they see? It’s not clear.

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  4. Zooey girl
    ronaldspence  3 months ago

    “Every time I get on Zoom, these dogs come running!”

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  5. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ Premium Member 3 months ago

    My original comment (during the pandemic) – This painter was under quarantine and had to work from home.

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  6. Bluedog
    Bilan  3 months ago

    Edwin switched from writing to painting. But his work was still dog-eared.

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  7. Avatar200
    Izzy Moreno  3 months ago

    It’s Ronnie Barker, facial expression and all.

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  8. Missing large
    PraiseofFolly  3 months ago

    Since “All Dogs Go to Heaven,” it’s only logical that service dogs may serve as guardian angels for humans. (Even the Hound of the Baskervilles made it in.)

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  9. Groucho
    Jayalexander  3 months ago

    Peaty! Back off, breath?

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  10. Img 20230511 134023590 portrait 5
    markkahler52  3 months ago

    He’s drawing Garfield

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  11. Image
    Emjeff  3 months ago

    Looks like Benny Hill.

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  12. B3b2b771 4dd5 4067 bfef 5ade241cb8c2
    cdward  3 months ago

    Captain Kangaroo wondering if he could trade the dogs for a moose.

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  13. Missing large
    jel354  3 months ago

    The police sketch artist spent his downtime drawing pictures of prey for hunting dogs.

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  14. Missing large
    jdculhane46  3 months ago

    Dogs describing the evil cat to the police sketch artist

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  15. Joe the bugatti mulhouse clipped
    Call me Ishmael  3 months ago

    “The trouble with Ed”, Bowser said,/

    “Is that while he excels at the head/

    His versions of paws/

    Are freighted with flaws:/

    I wish he’d do fingers instead..”

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  16. Fox picture avatar  2
    phritzg Premium Member 3 months ago

    Playing Jonas Grumby, Skipper of the S. S. Minnow, wasn’t actor Alan Hale, Jr.’s only role.

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  17. Missing large
    Old Tarf Premium Member 3 months ago

    AKA “The Animal Painter.”

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  18. 7553c0eb fe60 48a8 a4b6 2f89cdbcf5ac
    RonnieAThompson Premium Member 3 months ago

    A squirrelly drawing no less. Be well my friends.

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  19. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  3 months ago

    The staff artist of Hydrant Reviews Monthly didn’t mind the job, but he felt like the writers were biased against him.

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  20. Missing large
    epaphus8  3 months ago

    John knew becoming a painter would be a great way to meet b!tches.

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  21. Gkholman closeup 1500x1500
    Ken Holman Premium Member 3 months ago

    It is dawning on him that perhaps the dog really doesn’t like his bow tie.

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  22. Img 0342
    lagoulou  3 months ago

    Doggies want walkies…

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  23. Missing large
    prrdh  3 months ago

    The artist completes his version of “La Trahison des images” with the caption ‘Ce n’est pas un jouet qui couine’.

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  24. Missing large
    Csaw Backnforth  3 months ago

    The artist completing a picture just before the full moon rises.

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  25. Mok
    mokspr Premium Member 3 months ago

    His muses weren’t much for inspiration, but at least they got him to get out of the studio from time to time.

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  26. Gustave courbet   le d sesp r
    mabrndt Premium Member 3 months ago

    The Connoisseurs: Portrait of the Artist with two Dogs

    Paste (including the quote marks) 

    "Category:Dogs in 19th-century art" Wikimedia 

    (syntax supported by the Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ecosia, and Yandex search engines) in the browser address bar (or search for it using one of those search engines) and choose the first Category: found, and once there find the text string Landseer, and click its link for info and links that point to more info about this roughly jumbo envelope size painting, along with the museum’s Description.

     Again, a larger strip image is shown by merely clicking the image in Mr. Melcher’s THROWBACK THURSDAY: MASTERPIECE #2423 (4/9/20) (April 3, 2024) blog entry, accessible by the Check out the blog! box after the last comment. I have added a comment there pointing the blog entry with my comment pointing to info about this artist I used to point to here. So far, 3 works by this artist have been used here (5 times total, including this and another Throwback Thursday repeat), the April 9, 2020, strip being its first use. The July 20, 2023, strip has the prior by him (the other repeat).

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  27. Index
    GoComicsGo!  3 months ago

    “What do you mean that there are two dogs behind me? I’m alone here with nothing but me and my sketching pad.”

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  28. Missing large
    mshaw Premium Member 3 months ago

    “Portrait of the Artist with Two Dogs”

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  29. Buffaloanimatedrunningrightoneofearliestanimatedmovies001
    Running Buffalo Premium Member 3 months ago

    What do you think you are doing?

    You were supposed to keep throwing the ball for us to chase for another hour!

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  30. Buffaloanimatedrunningrightoneofearliestanimatedmovies001
    Running Buffalo Premium Member 3 months ago

    Some comments from the 4/9/2020 posting:

    Bilan: “Hey buddy, when I said to draw me a bowl of milk, …”

    jbrobo: “Hey Fido. You drool on his left shoulder and I’ll drool on his right. That might get him to feed us. “

    Reader: Every time he heard that little bell, memories flooded over him.

    Egrayjames: Dog looking over right shoulder thinking, “Wow, that’s one hot b!tch you’ve drawn there!”. Dog on left shoulder thinking “My husband … What an idiot!”

    Call me Ishmael (regarding Edwin Boars)

    He had little respect for the Boers / he deemed them distinctly his “lowers” / but after the war / he respected them more / and bought one of their “face-mowers”. / It did a fine job on his cheeks / but was “challenged” by valleys and peeks / the blades were terrific / but not jaw specific / it was clear that it needed some “tweaks” / Sir Edwin shaved on, undismayed / though his neck hair grew out, un-delayed / Ed had few regrets / for the “look” pleased his pets / though all of his collars were frayed…

    garcoa: Ok, Lassie, tell me when he has signed the will making us the sole beneficiaries, then I go for his neck.

    Bookworm: “No, no, no! You’ve got the chihuahua showing two aces, the lab showing an ace, and the beagle showing three aces, for crying out loud.”

    PO’ DAWG: “That’s him! He is the cur that defiled my Fluffy.”

    Linguist: Critics had long claimed that Landseer’s art was going to the dogs. Finally, they had proof!

    katzenbooks45: “Make his nose a little longer and his ears a little shorter.”

    d1234dick: “Spike” dictates while his human writes a letter to the dog pound saying he will not return, I found a good home.

    Running Buffalo: No No No Mr Police Sketcher …

    It was nine feet tall, and the fangs – much larger!

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  31. Missing large
    bunrabbit99  3 months ago

    everyone’s a critic.

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