Thatababy by Paul Trap for December 09, 2022

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    Templo S.U.D.  4 months ago

    When did Lucy van Pelt get there? OR is Mom channelling her inner Lucy? (Know of anyone who has seen this movie in question? I don’t think I’ve heard of it nor seen it on the Hallmark Channel.)

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  2. Barnae in ranger
    TonysSon  4 months ago

    Good Grief !

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  3. New jaguar anim 200x200
    i_am_the_jam  4 months ago

    “Oh, there are plenty of presents for pretty girls, it’s just that I don’t see any pretty girl here.” :D :D :D

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  4. Ecsegar
    dwagon55  4 months ago

    Her inner Lucy could not be held back! Well Done Sir! – as we all have inner cartoon characters just waiting to pounce! (Insert Snoopy the Vulture)

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  5. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  4 months ago


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  6. Avatar
    Ed The Red Premium Member 4 months ago

    Beautiful artwork today, Paul Trap.

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  7. Livestreaming at xpc
    GraceFaith  4 months ago

    Thanks for the movie recommendations!

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  8. Missing large
    bjordy  4 months ago

    And the Thin Man. That plot took place during the holidays

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  9. Screenshot 2022 10 21 10.01.04 am
    Gym Sock Nose Guy  4 months ago

    What about the Great Pumpkin? Oh, wrong holiday…

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  10. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 4 months ago

    The father probably thinks “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie, too.

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  11. 16672656908114138451240476029314
    Frank Burns Eats Worms  4 months ago

    Don’t forget the Yuletide spirit of 1974’s "Black Christmas.

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