The Born Loser by Art and Chip Sansom for March 02, 2024

  1. Missing large
    zzeek  3 months ago

    She can always stay home to not put herself in the misery of his company. It would be a win, win.

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  2. Cane immagine animata 0071
    Renatus Profuturus Frigeridus Premium Member 3 months ago

    The plant in the middle of them is still green despite her presence.

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  3. Unnamed
    The dude from FL (not bragging) Premium Member 3 months ago

    Brutus, you walked right into it!

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  4. Missing large
    angelolady Premium Member 3 months ago

    Brutus, Brutus, you won’t just walk away.

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  5. Animiertes spass lustig bild 0179
    in-dubio-pro-rainbow  3 months ago

    Mother Superior Gargle grumped the fun…(You too, Brutus?) :-)

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  6. Grandpa hef
    Jeff0811  3 months ago

    Wonder how many days it took her to come up with that little gem. A different reply to the question of “you know what I like about you?” might be, “My stunning good looks?” “My razor sharp wit?”, or “How nice I look in a yellow sweater?” If she’s going to insult you, at least make her work for it.

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  7. Toby pj kittens
    Justanolddude Premium Member 3 months ago

    You know the invisible fence to keep your dog in the yard? Could Brutus use one to keep her out of the yard?

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  8. Fb img 1575732366064
    Macushlalondra  3 months ago

    I know what I would like about you mother grossness, your absence!

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  9. Missing large
    DEACON FRED  3 months ago

    Because you asked first.

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  10. Missing large
    jmworacle  3 months ago

    Can anyone say fish in a barrel?

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  11. 2006 afl collingwood
    nosirrom  3 months ago

    It’s a good thing Mother Gargle never wrote lyrics for The Romantics.

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  12. Img 20150606 175412 912
    djtenltd  3 months ago

    It’s your fault, Brutus! You walk into her traps all the time!

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  13. Cobra 1
    [Traveler] Premium Member 3 months ago

    Reminds me of the song by the Romantics

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  14. Fb img 1509486198333
    e.groves  3 months ago

    No, and I don’t care.

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  15. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member 3 months ago

    You didn’t walk into it, you ran!

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  16. 408d88d8 e2c2 4505 a6ba 203d823a0b79
    General Trelane (Ret.) Premium Member 3 months ago

    You fell right into that Brutus .

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  17. 15895060 10210098664920743 6308867394258774617 n
    pat sandy creator 3 months ago

    Brutus just got Gargled…

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  18. Th 2659328858
    Just-me  3 months ago

    “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth is her tongue and to have Mother Gargle for a mother-in-law. Apologies to Shakespeare and the excellent work King Lear.

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  19. Missing large
    Chris  3 months ago

    maybe the way he can get back at you when you make snarky comments like that. :)

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  20. Gina carson
    Gina Carson  3 months ago

    Lady Gargoyle doesn’t tease her hair. She torments it.

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  21. Avatar92
    flemmingo  3 months ago

    That old battle axe just had to ruin Brutus’s weekend. Home is where the heart is, why don’t you go find your heart.

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  22. 38096534 2543 4864 8509 d06fceeba3fb
    Brent Rosenthal Premium Member 3 months ago

    Maybe someday Brutus will learn. His expression shift from hopeful in the second to dashed to pieces in the third is priceless. And a two panel encapsulation of the life of a Born Loser!

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  23. 38096534 2543 4864 8509 d06fceeba3fb
    Brent Rosenthal Premium Member 3 months ago

    Do Gargoyle and Hurricane Hattie collude with Rancid on zingers for Brutus?

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  24. Missing large
    raybarb44  3 months ago

    He walked into that comment no doubt. However, if there had been a fourth cartoon panel, Brutus could have listened his many sterling attributes and put Ramona to shame. Alas, there are only three panels. However, Brutus lives to battle another day with the Evil Ramona and victory will ultimately be his.So it is written, so it shall be done…..

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  25. Wizanim
    ChessPirate  3 months ago

    “What I like about you is you’re such an easy target…”

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  26. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 3 months ago

    She set him up……….again!

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  27. Missing large
    preacherman  3 months ago

    Was that an old joke?

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  28. Missing large
    kathleenhicks62  3 months ago

    Ban her forever!

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  29. Pc200099
    assrdood  3 months ago

    Mother Gargle resembles my first Mother-in-law. And unfortunately, her daughter as well.

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  30. Missing large
    oakie9531  3 months ago

    ba dum tss

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  31. 4989eeee 8c97 430b b18e dadb575fb018
    bigplayray  3 months ago

    You always walk right into it Brutus! Don’t make it soooo E-Z for her!

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  32. Stinker
    cuzinron47  3 months ago

    I can answer that question, he’s her favorite whipping boy.

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  33. Img 0041
    Dapperdan61  Premium Member 3 months ago


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  34. Dirt bikesm
    Dave427  3 months ago

    …and to think ol’ Brutus gets to look at that every day for the rest of his life…first his MIL, then Gladys as she ages…yep, definitely a Born Loser just on that alone.

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  35. Missing large
    Buckeye67  3 months ago

    Brutus just tell Gargle the list of reasons would be just too endless for you to even attempt a guess.

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  36. Dirt bikesm
    Dave427  3 months ago

    Not the first time…01-08-1996

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  37. Missing large
    saylorgirl  3 months ago

    One good thing she could do is just leave!

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  38. Missing large
    Buckaroobanzai  3 months ago

    is she sporting a nose or a can opener?

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  39. Logo
    Chris Sherlock  3 months ago

    Ah, Brutus! When are you ever going to stop being the straight man for Mother G?!

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  40. Bunny and summer together
    Moonkey Premium Member 3 months ago

    Brutus has two Mother-in-Law tongues to get out of that room! I see that plant!

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