The Knight Life by Keith Knight for February 22, 2012

  1. Chris88
    chireef  almost 11 years ago

    so he got the only one that wasn’t a scam?

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  2. Onion news1186.article
    Randy B Premium Member almost 11 years ago

    In some of these scams, the foreign cashier’s check is treated as legitimate but later found to be fraudulent, and the victim is on the hook for any money withdrawn from the fraudulent deposit. That’s the way the foreign purchase scam works: the “buyer” offers to pay more than expected to buy something you’ve advertised, if you are willing to accept a significantly larger amount and refund the difference to them. You get the check deposited, you send back the difference, and then the check is declared fraudulent and you’re out the item you sold AND the amount you refunded from the “overpayment”.

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  3. Horsehead aldohubble 960
    krisjackson01  almost 11 years ago

    Yeah, there’s a “secret shopper” scam run the same way. My niece got a cashier’s check. If she had cashed it, she would have been handed cash, part of which she sends to the scammer. Then she has to pay it all back.

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  4. Violet bay
    LiviaBay  almost 11 years ago

    That’s some scam…don’t people know if something sounds to good to be true it’s a scam. Hey in God I trust all others pay cash!

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