The Knight Life by Keith Knight for January 02, 2016

  1. Monty avatar
    steverinoCT  almost 7 years ago

    I recall an “Andy Griffith Show” episode, where a young Bill Bixby, privileged scion of some rich someone, was pulled over and thrown in the clink for some infraction. Daddy sent his lawyer to spring him, but in the meantime Bill had learned a Valuable Lesson in responsibility and owning up to your mistakes, and did the Right Thing.

    And Andy never had to fire a shot, of course.

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  2. Catinma
    BeniHanna6 Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    Another example of the Privileged class was during the Vietnam war and the draft. If you were a politician’s son it was very easy to get deferments, very unlike the average slob.

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  3. Bobbyicon1
    natureboyfig4 Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    I have never seen a real police officer act the way they do in this cartoon. Then again, I live in West Virginia, so I’ve also never seen a rich person. :-P

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