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    nos.nevets  almost 2 years ago

    They call you “The Donor Nations”.

    That is the typical way America & Europe are refered to in Tanzania: “The Donor Nations”. Always that exact phrase.

    You hear it on TV.

    You hear it from politicians.

    You hear it from your neighbors.

    You hear it at church.

    You hear if from anyone looking for a handout. Everyone looks for a handout.

    Just don’t expect the handout to reach the intended needy. During the last Ebola outbreak in Congo, Tanzanian doctors in the bush were sent gloves & masks & IVs, etc.. It all disappeared. Had the epidemic reached Tanzania, they would have been defenseless.

    I am not saying let them die. I am saying be wise & give only to projects you personally are involved with. Insist on accountability, audit trails, receipts, pictures, surprise visits.

    I’m talking to you, Donor Nation.

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