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    PhilipOlson  about 3 years ago

    Not near as bad as the USA’s response. Which, even with advance warning it was coming, quickly became the leading hotspot for the most severe consequences. China is doing quite well, as is Korea, both of whom had responses appropriate to the outbreak. They are recovering, and please note, the first case in Korea was the very same day as the first case in the USA. The difference was in leadership.

    America politicized the pandemic and advocated behaviors causing the damage to multiply. It is difficult to believe this could happen by accident with all the tech available.

    The appointed president got it into his head that white people would be affected very little in comparison to non whites and deliberately encouraged actions calculated to do the most damage.

    And here we are, America has it worse than any other country on Earth. Ignorance has a price, tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands on the way.

    Deliberately done out of ignorant hate.

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