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  1. P1000380
    A# 466  12 months ago

    Punch and Judy. Updated.

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  2. Green 5 point celtic knot 300
    Erse IS better  12 months ago

    The players, left to right, are China, the USA and Britain. The puppet is Australia. Australia has just been sold/given some new nuclear “non-attack” submarines made in the USA.

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  3. 3dbones
    Jingles  12 months ago

    seriously: what few subs china has are deadly. they are conventional Diesel Elec drive, when submerged are virtually silent, and have verifiable evidence they’ve followed/tracked US subs without being detected. they also carry 300mph rocket driven ship-killer torpedos. the US uses nuke steam turbines, which are bulls in the oceanic china shop noisy, piston 63mph torps. as long as we’re spending trillions on obsolete tech, i don’t think china really cares. i’m dismayed at what we’re facing, and stuck in the mil-ind-complex mud.

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  4. Missing large
    buer  12 months ago

    Australia had a good deal with the French subs that had been redesigned for diesel drive, making them more silent, easier to maintain and independantly operated since Australia can provide diesel fuel but cannot provide nuclear fuel and therefore will need USA and to maintain and refuel the subs form them. Also they would have got them years before they’ll get the US subs, since the US nuclear subs production has slowed down and the coming models need to be delivered to the US and UK before Australia. So now they pay penalties on breaching the contract with the French, they buy more expensive US subs, and they need to pay a lot of money to refurbish their current subs since they were supposed to be decomissioned soon but they now need to see their use extended until the replacement are delivered. So more money spent on obsolete subs. looks like a great deal.

    To go along Jingles post, a few years ago there was a training exercise between a small diesel Swedish sub and a US naval combat group. The swedish sub always managed to sneak in undetected and “sink” the US aircraft carrier. The sub was never sunk once though it didn’t have the new high tech chinese torpedoes and had to come in close. The main point of a nuclear sub is atomic dissuasion. A sub that can sail to anywhere in the world and remain at sea for months while holding a payload of nuclear missiles it could deliver on any target. So the “enemy” knows that, at any give time, there could be a sub able to launch nuclear missiles on its territory from one corner or another. That’s clearly not Australia’s situation.

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  5. Missing large
    Valiant1943 Premium Member 12 months ago

    Diesel-electric subs are quieter while running in electric mode, but when their engines are running, they are noisier than nuclear-powered subs.

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