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  1. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member about 13 years ago

    Econ 101 would explain it. If the system worked like the book says. But it doesnt.

    The law of supply and demand is broke. Otherwise the price of gas wouldnt go up just because there ‘might’ be a hurricane next week. Or this weekend is Labor Day so we jack the price up, even though everyone stays home.

    Competition doesnt work. The big guys are so big no one can’t compete. Big oil cooperates with each other. All the major industries are owned by two or three major producers. Nearly all soda is owned by Coke/Pepsi, no matter the brand. Same for beer. And vehicles. Newspapers. Banks. The big fish have gobbled down all the little competition. And the little guys can’t even work together because Congress is in the pocket of the big guys and has choked them out.

    How about a fair wage and a secure job? Sorry. Too expensive to give you job benefits. I’ll just hire contractors instead. I had two different jobs on Fort Knox, was a full time employee on both. For every 1 employee there were 5 contractors doing the same job, for twice the pay sometimes, but with no benefits. And this goes throughout the private sector as well.

    Fair tax? Don’t make me laugh, it’ll never happen. The government couldnt live with it. It relies on all the hidden mumbo jumbo in order to survive. If we actually saw the true shape of the economic mess we’re in we’d all give up. The tax system is designed to hide how bad things are. Wtih a fair tax the government wouldnt have that protection.

    If big business was capable of letting things trickle down, as Reagan thought it was, I might be willig to agree. But all big business is interested in is squeezing every little bit of profit out of everything it gets its hands on. And absorbing it for itself. Corporate entities are going to kill us all.

    The Republicans have no idea of how to make things better. They just want things to keep getting worse until they can get back in power. I’d be glad to support them, if they had an honest plan. At least Obama is working to help me and my family, instead of big business.

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  2. Bluejay
    Bluejayz  about 13 years ago

    Just remember, when Obama got in, the economy was in a deep ditch and getting deeper. That he has gotten it on level ground in six months is very commendable.

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