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  1. Guy fawkes
    Guy Fawkes  almost 6 years ago

    Trust? That is a very strange concept to connect in any way with a commercial enterprise. One supposes that Apple’s stock valuations are somewhat reliable, but I wouldn’t trust them (or any other company) with my money or my data.

    Apple always has enjoyed a large cadre of consumers loyal to the brand, and their I-phones took it to the next level. Even the teenager (see: Australia’s hacky hack hack) who accessed Apple’s corp. computer system over the past year is a big fan and says he hopes to work there someday.

    Regardless of how secure the data stored on one’s encrypted phone is, Apple has access to it. Even private data originating from a secure source is usually transmitted via cell tower and/or satellite feed. That data is the NSA’s – or who knows who’s – for the taking. Trust is a hard thing to come by these days.

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