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    CorosiveFrog Premium Member about 15 years ago

    He’s not canadian (althought there are nutjobs north of the 48th, like everywhere else…) He’s british but the cartoonist is canadian.

    The story is very much talked about here because the majority of the country is catholic. Even in the english speaking part, many people are or irish, scottish decent or french canadians that lost the language over the generations. In the (formerly) very catholic Quebec, the old abuses of the Church left bad memories and the Quebec intelligentsia never loses an opportunity to criticize the church.

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    cdward  about 15 years ago

    More specifically, of the four bishops reinstated by the pope, Williamson denied that the holocaust was anything like what history records. He’s been saying that maybe a couple hundred thousand Jews died but no more. After receiving a lot of flack, Benedict said he needs clarification from Williamson before he will reinstate him.

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  3. Woodstock
    HUMPHRIES  about 15 years ago

    oldie … ya think ?

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