Views of the World by Cartoon Movement-US for February 25, 2010

  1. Bambi by brunamf
    Jascat  over 13 years ago

    They prefer playing the terrorist threat card.

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  2. Exploding human fat bombs hedge 060110
    Charles Brobst Premium Member over 13 years ago

    Hardly. It’s the mature responsible adult USA with 20,000 nukes on ICBMs and naval cruise missles losing patience with naughty kid Iran who launched a high school science experiment and claims to maybe perhaps have a nuke. A nuke. Maybe. Against 20,000.

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  3. Don quixote 1955
    OmqR-IV.0  over 13 years ago

    In asymmetric warfare it isn’t about might, it is about strategy. I don’t think either adversaries in the cartoon show much in way of sound strategies but the “mightier” certainly comes off looking weaker at the moment. Just what exactly will it or can it do to the little snot? Stop believing its bluff and will the two please grow up?

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  4. Pales
    Palestino  over 13 years ago

    This cartoonist is Palestinian and he is good (if I may add..)

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