Views of the World by Cartoon Movement-US for February 28, 2010

  1. Globe eagle anchor
    ben_david  over 14 years ago

    Some people just haven’t gotten the word yet. There’s been no global warming for 10 years. We just had another 3 inches of white global warming flakes for the third time this winter (very unusual for north central Texas).

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  2. Wombat wideweb  470x276 0
    4uk4ata  over 14 years ago

    Ben, if we are talking about global warming, anecdotal evidence like “It snows more here” doesn’t really mean much ;) .

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  3. Daphne c
    kit_jefferson  over 14 years ago

    Looks like Captain Parmenter of F Troop.

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  4. Missing large
    pamdixon  over 14 years ago

    The frozen Niagra falls, that was caused by the eruption of some valcano in Jakarta. The ash was so thick and blocked out the suns rays so completely that new england farmers reported that they had zero production that year.

    As for snow in texas, Osn’t there something about hell freezin over?

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  5. 300px little nemo 1906 02 11 last panel
    lonecat  over 14 years ago

    2009: Second Warmest Year on Record; End of Warmest Decade

    Although 2008 was the coolest year of the decade, due to strong cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean, 2009 saw a return to near-record global temperatures. The past year was only a fraction of a degree cooler than 2005, the warmest year on record, and tied with a cluster of other years — 1998, 2002, 2003, 2006 and 2007 1998 and 2007 — as the second warmest year since recordkeeping began.

    “There’s always an interest in the annual temperature numbers and on a given year’s ranking, but usually that misses the point,” said James Hansen, the director of GISS. “There’s substantial year-to-year variability of global temperature caused by the tropical El Niño-La Niña cycle. But when we average temperature over five or ten years to minimize that variability, we find that global warming is continuing unabated.”

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