Widdershins by Kate Ashwin for August 14, 2020

  1. Wileecoffee3
    Need coffee  almost 4 years ago


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  2. Image035
    Odd Dog Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    That does sorta resemble an artichoke hart, have to admit I’ve never actually seen one bloom?

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  3. Img 4929
    Holilubillkori Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    Now that confession is good for her… :^D

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  4. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    Yay!! Better than graduating any day.

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  5. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    Well done.

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  6. Watermelon avv
    car2ner  almost 4 years ago

    It makes sense for a strong independent woman to run from the attachments of Love. Not easy or smart sometimes, but makes sense

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  7. Slogo3avatar
    scyphi26  almost 4 years ago

    Yeaaaah, that’s pretty much what I figured her reaction was gonna be to that little revelation. :P

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  8. E1563c3c f728 4e8e 8eb9 2f3d176b27bf
    Nicki's ZoMcYo  almost 4 years ago

    What a beautiful lotus! Glad Harry is finally admitting she has feelings for Sidney!!

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  9. Missing large
    prrdh  almost 4 years ago

    Kamala Harry? (Kamala means ‘She of the lotus’, an epithet of the goddess Lakshmi).

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  10. 240eaac0 73ff 442c a7a3 8b44de555119
    elizabethvshaffer  almost 4 years ago


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  11. B3b2b771 4dd5 4067 bfef 5ade241cb8c2
    cdward  almost 4 years ago

    There ya go.

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  12. 100 2491
    Thorby  almost 4 years ago

    Sometimes, that is the HARDEST thing to admit, and then embrace….

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  13. Missing large
    willrowe  almost 4 years ago

    I expect complications – that’s the essence of this brilliant strip – but if they don’t happen – let’s watch out! There will be others… OUCH my chair edge!

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  14. Missing large
    aureolin  almost 4 years ago

    Definitely Gren.

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  15. V2
    Willywise52 Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    Nicely done,Kate.GoComics won’t let me write what I want to say.Weird.

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  16. Lady dragoncat
    Dragoncat  almost 4 years ago

    There… You said it… Do you feel better?

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  17. 100 2451
    RonBerg13 Premium Member almost 4 years ago


    But… YEAH!!!

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  18. Missing large
    Eric Daniel Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    Love is in bloom – literally – and it is stunning. Really, Harry looks stunned at this realization.

    Now comes the hard part: acting on the revelation.

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  19. Caligo uranus d
    Taracinablue  almost 4 years ago

    Beautiful flower!

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  20. 100 2451
    RonBerg13 Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    Ah… At long last… LOVE!!!

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