Wizard of Id by Parker and Hart for March 20, 2023

  1. Missing large
    David_the_CAD  6 months ago

    Work on your timing wiz.

    Make sure to remember what you did before the snow comes.

    Then again we did not get any snow, other than a few flurries, in the area that I live in. I would have liked at least one good snow fall.

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  2. 16914740417144785387296898810443
    jasonsnakelover  6 months ago

    Yeah warmer seasons are more fun.

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  3. Unnamed
    Left, never right! (just test driving this name) Premium Member 6 months ago

    I bought a used Ski Doo, I walked home more than I rode home! Took a 1000 pulls to get that D*** thing started!

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  4. Earth sea temps
    Uncle Kenny  6 months ago

    It will almost certainly take longer than until next winter to build a factory, buy materials, and hire and train workers before the first snowmobile rolls off the line.

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  5. Missing large
    KKpt Prien Premium Member 6 months ago

    Perhaps the wiz can shift the earth’s axis back to indirect light.

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  6. Wolf
    Mediatech  6 months ago

    It was a snow job.

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  7. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  6 months ago

    Some days, it’s just snow use, Wiz.

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  8. Th 9
    Count Olaf Premium Member 6 months ago

    Better still, he could have invented fires in the fireplace, comfy overstuffed chairs, hot chocolate and good books. Or at least take advantage of them and be thankful for them. Seriously. The Count ❤️ winter!

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  9. 20230415 170925
    Chithing Premium Member 6 months ago

    It’ll be a big hit…next Winter.

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  10. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  6 months ago

    Now to invent something to keep people cool during the warmer weather!

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  11. Wile e. coyote free fall
    Botulism Bob  6 months ago

    A snowmobile? It will be foot-propelled, like the Flintstone’s roadster.

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  12. Photo
    dcdete.  6 months ago

    You couldn’t pick a better day to invent a snowmobile than on the very first day of Spring.

    Happy Spring Equinox, everybody.

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  13. Beer o clock
    Doug Taylor Premium Member 6 months ago

    Happy first partial day of Spring.

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  14. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  6 months ago

    By my estimation, temperatures will remain cold for a few weeks, with some warm sprinkled in, before spring fully sets in.

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  15. Images
    Geophyzz  6 months ago

    This is the day for a Sea-doo.

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  16. 16672656908114138451240476029314
    Frank Burns Eats Worms  6 months ago

    This isn’t the warm reception Wiz was looking for.

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  17. 250
    ladykat  6 months ago

    I’m glad that spring arrives today; now, someone needs to send Mother Nature the memo.

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  18. Eccles cake
    The Famous Eccles  6 months ago

    Mr Bombardier might question your claim!

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  19. Img 3558
    Zebrastripes  6 months ago

    Aaaackk! Isn’t it always the way?

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  20. Carriage19
    bobpickett1  6 months ago

    “Day Late, Dollar Short”

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  21.  1ja2870 dxo av dxo
    andersjg Premium Member 6 months ago

    North Texas weather.

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  22. Cw avatar006
    blakerl  6 months ago

    That happens every Spring. Except for every few years, when we have a blizzard in Spring time. Maybe this year!!

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  23. Images
    hagarthehorrible  6 months ago

    Too late, wizard. The snow has melted. Anyway, the winter is not far for most of the european countries. Down here in eastern world, we enjoy the winters without the snowmobile and suffer the sweltering heat.

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  24. 23 asterix with sword
    up2trixx  6 months ago

    I bought two snowmobiles last year. This winter all of the snow we got combined wouldn’t add up to a foot.

    Totally worth it.

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  25. Morning cuppa
    Wizard of Ahz-no relation  6 months ago

    I didn’t have to get my snow shovel out once this winter

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  26. Photo
    DawnQuinn1  6 months ago

    David? You can have ALL the snow in my area.

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  27. Img 20230725 160430053 hdr
    David Huie Green LosersBlameOthers&It'sYOURfault  6 months ago

    Too little, too late.

    Story of my life.

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  28. Us flag day poster 1917
    Billy Yank  6 months ago

    My home here on the “North Coast”, AKA Great Lakes, had its first 3 in or greater snowfall in one day since last March. A lot of people around here are flaming the snowplow contractors they paid in advance for the season to plow only if there were 3 inches or more of snow.

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