Wrong Hands by John Atkinson for August 09, 2016

  1. Flamenco dancer
    mai griffin  almost 8 years ago

    I think their jaws are hinged differently – one opens up and the other down…

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  2. Missing large
    gammaguy  almost 8 years ago

    The picture of the “alligator” is wrong. Alligators don’t have such long snouts. I’m pretty sure the dentition is wrong, too.

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  3. 250
    ladykat  almost 8 years ago

    All I know is, if I ever see one on the loose, I’m not stopping to ask its pedigree before I move very quickly in the opposite direction.

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  4. Dragonfly clip art  9337
    CeeJay  almost 8 years ago

    Crocodiles need better PR people. Allligators get all the attention.

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  5. Chai
    Perkycat  almost 8 years ago

    One is facing right and one is facing left.

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  6. Missing large
    waltermgm  almost 8 years ago

    I’m glad that got cleared up!

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  7. Roflmao
    What? Me worried ?  almost 8 years ago

    I am outta hear ,see you later -——— !

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  8. Nye elvis
    hcrum  almost 8 years ago

    “Sees you after a while” vs. “Sees you later”

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  9. Missing large
    dmk57  almost 8 years ago

    Let’s see, both are large carnivorous reptiles known to attack just about anything edible, including humans. Who cares what it is, just run when its close.

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  10. C53dea45 0301 4c83 825e 752a646f6595 236 00000009d87191be tmp
    katzenbooks45  almost 8 years ago

    There are salt water crocodiles in Australia.

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  11. Daphne c
    kit_jefferson  almost 8 years ago

    Crocodile – Triangular snout]Alligator – Rounded snout

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  12. Bobbyicon1
    natureboyfig4 Premium Member almost 8 years ago

    They forgot one very important quality of both: “Not a poodle”. :-P

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