WuMo by Wulff & Morgenthaler for October 25, 2021

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    syzygy47  11 months ago

    Where’s that thumbs up emoji? To me, this new trendy yogurt tastes like clay.

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    Zebrastripes  11 months ago


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  3. Missing large
    cathluk  11 months ago

    I like skyr! Plus it’s been around much longer than 20 years – just not outside of Iceland.

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  4. Missing large
    hardwickd  11 months ago

    Actually, skyr is fantastic – I just wish it was a little cheaper!

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  5. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 11 months ago

    Besides, the other word won’t make it past the censors.

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    "It's the End of the World!!!" Premium Member 11 months ago

    I love my Siggi’s. That stuff is great.

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  7. 61 puffin back
    coloharpare Premium Member 11 months ago

    Skyr is so much better than yogurt! And Greek yogurt is even worse! (at least to my tastebuds. . . .).

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  8. Bill the cat
    William Green Premium Member 11 months ago

    Or call it buttermilk. Some people actually like that stuff.

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  9. Img 20220708 121343 226 2
    JoshHere  11 months ago

    I don’t care for yogurt and its ilk

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  10. 9 chickweed
    LFate Premium Member 11 months ago

    The cow has a concerned look on her face.

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  11. Missing large
    Steverino Premium Member 11 months ago

    I wonder if a certain percentage of the price goes for tips for the cow?

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  12. Missing large
    wellis1947 Premium Member 11 months ago

    There is a finite amount of “Brand New” that the milk industry can tout about what is, essentially, irreversibly spoiled milk.

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  13. Missing large
    stamps  11 months ago

    Next up – lutefisk.

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    ImaPayne  11 months ago

    Yogurt and Egg Nog remind of something that came out of my nose in the Winter

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    schaefer jim  11 months ago

    Yogurt is nasty stuff.

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  16. Missing large
    ekke  11 months ago

    This is also how we got kale. Stuff so nasty the pioneers ate it out of desperation because nothing else green grows in winter. So we, thanks to a bunch of deranged hippies, get it foisted on us involuntarily all year round.

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