I am one of those rare birds; one born back in BC (before cellphones, personal computers and Costco). Majoring in Fine Arts at York University I somehow managed to receive the ‘President’s Prize’ for screenwriting. Over the years I’ve written, produced, and edited numerous projects for several different mediums including: radio, feature films/documentaries, plays, short stories, and even songs. Creating has always coursed through my blood and a simple paper cut oftentimes produces grandiose works of art; heaven help the artistic world should I ever get a nosebleed!  A few years ago, ‘cartoonist’ was added into that mix. Partnering with Alexandre Rouillard we created the syndicated strip entitled: ‘MUSTARD AND BOLONEY’, which still runs right here on Gocomics. Our first two books were well received and the forwards were written by good friends Dan Piraro (Bizarro) and Dave Coverly (Speedbump). Thanks guys! I did have to give up one kidney and half of my liver to get them to do it, but it was worth it! (You figure out which one wanted the kidney. Hint: He’s a cartoonist.)


Ah, but recently along came another finely talented cartoonist by the name of Brian Ponshock . He too wanted to collaborate on a new cartoon adventure. So, we created ‘YAFFLE’, a single panel strip that is sure to tickle your funny bone to the bone. I’ll bet my remaining kidney on that! (If it’s more liver you’d rather have then check with Brian. He still has a full compliment.)


Currently I live in Belleville, Canada, with my wife Terry, and our cat Subira. Oh, and of course sitting right here on the end of my desk I have a stuffed green woodpecker; one that you’ll find hidden in each and every one of our panels.   ‘YAFFLE’ on!