Ziggy by Tom Wilson & Tom II for January 31, 2023

  1. Mm wp001
    allen@home  over 1 year ago

    When did you ever get in touch with reality Ziggy ?

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  2. Pexels pixabay 278823
    Doug K  over 1 year ago

    But you just got here, Ziggy …

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  3. Photo
    dcdete.  over 1 year ago

    You’ve lost a dimension. You are a two dimensional character. Reality is a three dimension. To get back into reality, Ziggy you’d have to get a Hollywood movie contract and get a living actor to portray you, let’s say ‘The Rock’, Dwayne Johnson.

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  4. Missing large
    constantine48  over 1 year ago

    Too much reality isn’t good for you!

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  5. Wile e. coyote free fall
    Botulism Bob  over 1 year ago

    Says the shrink, “that will be another $500, please…..”

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  6. Direwolf 1
    Direwolf  over 1 year ago

    I envy those out of touch with reality. They seem so much happier than the rest of us.

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  7. Images
    Geophyzz  over 1 year ago

    It’s no too late. Welcome to GoComics.

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  8. Blu
    Blu Bunny  over 1 year ago

    Now you’re living a dream.

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  9. Jem character raya large 570x420
    cubswin2016  over 1 year ago

    A cartoon character is never in touch with reality.

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  10. Gina carson
    Gina Carson  over 1 year ago

    Thankful to live in a Cannabis state (not to mention a state of Cannabis).

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  11. Wolf
    Mediatech  over 1 year ago

    Reality is overrated, but what else is there?

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  12. 06 us2c ue24
    Sailor46 USN 65-95  over 1 year ago

    Just log into any social media platform, that’ll do it.

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  13. Stinker
    cuzinron47  over 1 year ago

    I don’t have that problem, reality has me blocked.

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